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3tier Grand graduation stars cake3tier Grand graduation stars cake

Decision to bake a cake for family and friends that are graduating? I do not know how you want to something special, but it? Do not worry you can create a special graduation cake easily does not matter what skill level in the baking. You can go from simple to luxurious, depending on you all. Please do not attempt to run the cake word of advice may exceed your skill level, however. Be honest with yourself when you select the concept of your cake. If you have not baked a few times and maybe you really cake before, you may not want to create a three-storey cake for a special occasion.

Graduation Sheet Cake Iced Graduation Sheet Cake Iced

Tip of the idea of cake
There are many ideas for graduation cake. In order to get an idea, need to look further than your GPA is not available. They are What do you like? What kind of school, or they have graduated? Is it kindergarten? University? High School? There are a few ideas, depending on where they are graduating from here


If you're making a graduation cake for young people for their kindergarten graduation, you will want to go with cupcakes. You made a small individual cup cakes, but can you want to, can decorate them, please fill them with cream or fruit filling inside, perhaps a surprise fun.

Perfect Graduation Sheet CakePerfect Graduation Sheet Cake

School of Medicine

If you are going to school nursing many people, they, for example, graduated from medical school a better idea for making the cake is decorated in the field is a graduate of inches, have a family friend If the nurse hat and congratulations written next to it can decorate the cake with the old style. Someone has become EMT? Great ideas are making a cake decorated as a medical symbol of the EMT? Cake to create a symbol of health care.

Graduation Sheet Cake DecorationsGraduation Sheet Cake Decorations

High school
You will be able to go wrong with cake graduation cap and diploma can not be classical. You can find a cute cake topper for yourself or any of the following drawing, place the cake. If you have a cake baking skills of some of you really can make a cake in the form of a diploma or graduation cap. Make a cake in the form of a human for something quirky and fun, decorate them with the color of the cap and gown for high school. If the investment to help you find the shape of the human type of bread baking, it can be done easily. They are there. Idea sentimental more, the class of 2009 writing and celebration, to complete the piece, possibly adding a diploma cake topper from it to put a picture of graduates on the cake in the gown and cap their The.

Graduation Sheet Cake IdeasGraduation Sheet Cake Ideas

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