Sunday, October 2, 2011

0 Listeria? Wires? E Coli? Foreign Materials? Salmonella? This is Food?

In the past 10 days there have been at least 9 food recalls, nearly one per day!  In your great-grandmother's day, things like Listeria and Salmonella in your whole fruits and vegetables, wires in your breadsticks or macaroni and cheese and E Coli in your ground beef, top round and beef tips just didn't happen. This is real and it's scary!

If your great-grandmother were alive today and walked into a supermarket she wouldn't recognize most of the food that she would see on the shelves. And even that food that she recognized such as fruits and vegetables are treated with pesticides, picked early, shipped around the world, treated with chemicals to ripen it and has very little flavor or nutritional value compared to the fruits and vegetables that she either grew or bought herself.

Forget about hounding your representatives about more safety inspections. Don't get me wrong, that would be great. But really, if you're going to hound them about anything let it be about ending these huge factory farms and food processors that are causing these problems to begin with. Not only are these people being irresponsible and killing us, but they get huge subsidies from our government to do it. Meanwhile the little farmer gets put out of business. This needs to change, the government needs to support the little guy, the sustainable farmer.

You might hear that organic, sustainable farming can't feed the masses. This is a lie told and spread by big business.  Average farmers using natural farming methods can produce just as much food as the big guys, and it's more nutritious too! Think about the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of POUNDS of food that's thrown away because it's been recalled and may kill you! We also need to pressure the government to stop subsidizing soy and corn production, this is food that is grown to feed animals (animals that are not meant to eat that kind of food either), instead of people. Farmers need to grow food for people!

Remember that processed foods aren't good for you either, they contain too much sugar, salt and chemicals - even when they don't contain bacteria and metal fragments... They are typically high in fats and carbohydrates, and don't contain enough fruits and vegetables. Save money and save a life. Buy local, eat natural whole foods and cook your own meals.

Here's a list of recalled food from the last 10 days alone!

September 22 – Pepperidge Farms breadsticks – 13,000 cases – Metal Wires

September 23 - Carol's Cuts recalls fruit – part of the 4.5 million pieces of cantaloupe from Jensen Farms – Listeria

September 23 – Palo Duro Meat recalls ground beef – 40,000 pounds – E. Coli

September 26 – K Heeps recalls pureed pork products – 5,550 pounds – Metal Fragments

September 27 – Cargill Meat recalls ground turkey – 185,000 pounds – Salmonella

September 27 – Tyson Meat recalls ground beef – 131,300 pounds – E. Coli

September 30 – Manning Beef recalls whole and ground beef products – 80,000 pounds – E. Coli

September 30 – Kraft recalls shell macaroni and cheese products – 137,000 cases – Metal Wires

October 1 – Greencore recalls packaged salads because of tomatoes – 57 pounds – Salmonella

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