Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Cadbury Chocolate Picture

Birmingham city break would not be complete without a visit to the region, certainly the best known - Cadbury World. Here, this affordable hotel accommodation in Birmingham could be the inventor of chocolate a day to play, learn all about the interesting history of the treatment and tracking of your favorite bar to the finished product of beans. Has a lot to see and do a tour around the Cadbury factory there, so make sure you are as possible, because at the Jurys Inn Birmingham hotel, where transportation is not great and can allow you to receive Chocolate factory gates as soon as possible...
Cadbury Chocolate Logo
Cadbury Chocolate Logo

The factory tour is the most interesting parts of the Aztec world. Here, the visitor about how important it was that cocoa and chocolate to the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs a chance to wander around the reconstruction of teaching, with altars and rock formations. Make sure to try some spiced hot chocolate you here, a favorite drink of the Aztec people.

Cadbury Creme Egg

The production of this trip, you can learn all about their favorite bars of Cadbury chocolates are created. Observed behavior of the Crunchie bar made and the method used to make each as delicious as the next. Children will ride Cadabra, which spins riders in a colorful Beanmobiles love. It features some of the best brand of chocolate-known personalities and no doubt fun for young and old.

Cadbury Chocolate Image

Bull Street, complete with a copy of First Street where the store is open Cadbury, is also well worth a visit. This part of the trip feels like a step back in time and allows visitors to see first, John Cadbury's shop. The fun continues out of chocolate, Cadbury-themed playground with a slide presentation, and rock climbing frames adorned with advertisements and identify colors used in many of the brand is best known bars. In many places for adults to sit and relax, there is too much.

Cadbury Milk Chocolate

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  • Cadbury Chocolate Logo, Cadbury Chocolate Pictures, Cadbury Creme Egg, Cadbury Milk Chocolate


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