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Minnie Mouse Cake DesignsMinnie Mouse Cake Designs
The Minnie mouse cake

is a cake which bears the portrait and image of the Minnie mouse on its top.  It is especially loved by the children and teens.  Most kids love the character of mine mouse on TV screen and they thereby love anything that is coated with her. You should think of preparing the Minnie mouse cake

for your kid during his or her next birthday.

What do you need to prepare the Minnie mouse cake?

Minnie Mouse Cake PopsMinnie Mouse Cake Pops
There are very many things that you need if you want to prepare this cake.  Some of them include the following
Prepared cake mix
Three pans
Mix box or recipe
Cake board
Black icing
Peach icing
Red icing tube
Icing bag
Icing knife

How do you prepare the cake?
  fill all the three pans with the prepared cake mix
 bake  according to  the directions  on the recipe or  the mix box
 let  the cake cool off completely
One at a time, flip the cakes on the cake board. Arrange these cases  beginning with the large at the bottom, followed by the medium size   and then the smallest on top
The large cake will serve as the face while the smaller ones will serve as ears.
Take the icing bag, cut off its tip and then drop star tip inside it.  Fill it with  the black icing  and then twist in order to close the bag
By use of the icing knife, spread the black icing over the ears as well as around the large cake.
Ice the cake’s sides
Take another icing bag and cut its tip. Drop star tip inside  and then fill it with the peach icing  and then twist in order to close the bag

Minnie Mouse Cake IdeasMinnie Mouse Cake Ideas
By use of the star tip, make an outline of the face. You need to outline  the eyes, nose and mouth and then fill  the face with it
With the black icing, prepare another icing bag.  Fill in the nose, eyes and mouth.
Draw the eye brows
Make the tongue using  the red icing tube
Use the red ribbon to tie the bow
Push the toothpick to go through the cake’s top and in between the ears such until it holds the ribbon at the required place
Minnie Mouse Cake DecorationsMinnie Mouse Cake Decorations

Minnie Mouse Cake TopperMinnie Mouse Cake Topper

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